8. June 2016

4.3-10 – superior performance at miniaturized install. space

4.3-10 – superior performance at miniaturized installation space IMS Connector Systems is an international technology company that is specialised in the development and manufacture of high-frequency connection technology. Due to increasing efficiency requirements of mobile network equipments, the compact and easy to install 4.3-10 connector series was developed […]
1. December 2013

New miniaturized low-loss U.FL and MHF pigtails

The newly developed pigtail cable assembly enables low-loss RF signal transmission for cables inside devices. The miniaturized pcb mounted U.FL and MHF interconnection series, which are considered as “quasi-standard” for space limited application, can now be mated with an RG 178 cable to provide data transmission with low […]
1. November 2013

The New Waterproof Quick Lock Interconnection

The newly developed waterproof quick lock interconnection is based on the IMS Connector Systems reliable QLS Advanced quick lock connector. It provides excellent protection for weather exposed applications by ensuring superior RF capabilities up to 18 GHz. Different color coding on male and female mating halves simplify the […]
1. September 2013

P-SMP – High Power Board-to-Board Interconnection

This newly developed P-SMP interconnection provides an excellent continuous power handling of up to 200 W at 2,2 GHz. The board-to-board interconnection is built as a three components concept: two pcb or panel types, assembled with an adaptor, the so called bullet. The minimum distance of the P-SMP […]
1. July 2013

HSD – High Speed Data interconnection

This newly developed digital HSD interconnection enables excellent data transmission via LVDS (low voltage differential signaling) by preventing interference both from cross-talk and other external sources. Due to its optimized shielding concept the 100 Ohm impedance matched interconnection works at a superior level. The product’s highlight SSR (smart […]