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Advantage through diversity!

Mixed technology solutions adapted to your needs

Extensive know-how in the areas of high-frequency technology, material technology and precision mechanics – with this we develop mixed technology solutions, adapted to the requirements of our customers. Our possibilities are as wide as your imagination: Our range includes customer-specific precision connectors and cable assembly solutions made of high frequency, high voltage, high current and magnet-free interface solutions as well as cable assembly solutions in high and low frequency technology. Our pool of suppliers, which has grown over many decades, enables us to have access to exactly the right technology. We - and our customers - are not dependent on any specific IMS Connector Systems technology. This diversity guarantees a head start.

Your advantage - IMS CS industrial solutions

Advantages of the IMS CS products

Decisive for the success of IMS Connector Systems is the pronounced market and customer orientation, the individual technical advice to customers worldwide, continuous innovation, strong development competence and high quality standards. This enables us to supply various markets with solutions. Long-term business relationships with well-known customers exist in the areas of transport, computer technology, measurement and control technology, automation technology and mechanical engineering, but also medical technology, and are proof of the highest precision and reliability.

Precise Automation
Precise Automation
Customized industrial electronics cables with connectors
Customized industrial electronics
defibrillator medical resuscitation technology
Safe medical technology
Measuring device control technology test device
competent measurement and control technology
Cable assembly component assembly
economical component assembly
Mechanical engineering automatic manufacturing
robust in mechanical engineering

Connectors with quick-locking mechanism optimized for use in medical technology.

The MedEasyLock connector series was specially developed for use in medical devices and is therefore optimized for this area of ​​application. Typical applications are, for example, therapeutic devices for magnetic field therapy and HF-controlled measuring and monitoring systems. The advantages are obvious: quick and easy opening and closing of the connection. High holding force of the snap lock of 800N offers maximum contact security. Optimum strain relief thanks to an extended connector housing, which prevents damage to the cable.

The innovative alternative to SMA connectors

Similar dimensions as our SMA connector, but equipped with a quick-locking mechanism, which in turn allows easy, fast and reliable assembly without tools. Due to its color-coded housing and optical "green" display when the connection is correct, mix-ups and incorrect assembly are almost impossible. QLS Advanced and QLS connectors are of course compatible with each other.

A plug monitors its cable

With the SmartMod, the detection of various fault conditions in dynamically loaded cables is possible. Two SmartMods are used. Each individual SmartMod sends current, voltage and power values to a controller or gateway.
These receive the data and use it to determine the cable resistance. This allows conclusions to be drawn about the quality and condition of the cable.

SMA HF-Miniature Coaxial Connectors

The SMA connector series features a heavy-duty connection that is safe, reliable and mechanically highly resilient. Connectors are available for all common cables, whether flexible or hard-jacketed. The SMA series is also available as a reverse polarity connector, for example to connect WLAN antennas to network components such as routers or access points. SMA coaxial connectors comply with: IEC 169-15 and MIL-C 39012

Micro Coaxial Connectors

MCX is a snap-on connection that corresponds to SMB coaxial connectors in terms of its HF properties, but requires 30% less installation space. They are available for all common flexible and rigid jacket HVAC cables. Characteristic of MCX coax connectors is the characteristic impedance of 50 or 75 ohms. MCX coax connectors comply with: IEC 1169-36 and CECC 22220

RF-Micro Miniature coaxial connectors

MMCX is a miniature snap-on connector that has excellent RF characteristics and is half the size of the standard MCX connector family. This connector series can be used in conjunction with all common standard, flexible or hard-shell cables, as well as for printed circuit board assembly. MMCX coaxial connectors comply: CECC 22340

Radio-Frequency Coaxial Inserts D-Sub DIN mixed layout connectors

HF coaxial inserts for DIN (DIN 41612 and DIN 43355) or D-Sub mixed strips are insertable and removable contacts that can be assembled/disassembled using special tools. The sliding connection of this connector family can be used in conjunction with all common standard, flexible or hard-sheathed cables, as well as for printed circuit board assembly. Characteristic of the coaxial inserts is the characteristic impedance of 50 or 75 ohms.

High power inserts for D-Sub and DIN connectors

High current inserts are sliding connections suitable for use in D-Sub, DIN 41612 and DIN 43355 mixed bars. Plugs in soldering or crimping technology are available for the associated AWG cables. They can be used up to a current of 40 A. The contacts can be installed and removed. High current inserts comply with: DIN 41626 Part 1 and BS 9525 F 0011.

High voltage inserts for D-Sub and DIN connectors

High voltage inserts are sliding connections suitable for use in D-Sub and DIN 41612 mixed strips. They can be used up to 2.8 KV. The contacts can be installed and removed.

Miniaturized Pigtail antenna assemblies

Wherever cable connections have to be accommodated in the smallest of spaces, the cable assemblies with miniaturized Hirose, muRata and I-PEX connectors are the first choice. Connectors with reverse polarity (RP) are also possible and are mainly used in M2M (machine-to-machine) applications. RP-SMA and RP-TNC have vibration-proof screw connections. Dust and water ingress protection caps are also available.

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