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A constantly changing market, the toughest requirements such as critical communication (Tetra), outdoor applications with high PIM (passive intermodulation) and waterproofing requirements: For over 40 years, we have been masters with our profound HF knowledge and our innovative strength.

Your advantage - IMS CS Communication solutions

Advantages of the IMS CS products

Communication Applications increasingly require mobile data transmission with high data rates and low latencies. For network equippers this means that transmission rates are rising, radio cells and antennas are becoming smaller and smaller and the signal quality requirements are rising as well. We develop the necessary connector systems: weatherprof, miniaturized and with maximum RF performance. No matter what Communication application you have we offer miniaturized weatherproof connector systems for 5G applications, innovative Board-to-Board and Board-to-Filter interconnects as well as customized solutions for critical infrastructures and government radio with superior PIM performance and high reliability.

Measuring room Signal quality Quality IMS CS
Perfect signal quality
Passive intermodulation PIM high frequency attenuation latency
Low attenuation through the base station
Antenna Radio Frequency Cable Connector Base Station Small Cell Low-PIM Passive Intermodulation
Interference-free antenna technology
Antenna Ice Snow Winter Waterproof Weatherproof Toughest Conditions Reliable High Quality
Robust in any weather
Antenna connection solutions and infrastructure require high-quality and reliable high-frequency connectors. However, the requirement for very high reliability, excellent quality and low PIM behavior unites all applications and markets.
Due to the continuous further development of mobile phone networks (from 5G now to 6G), the requirements for suitable connectors and cable assemblies for indoor and outdoor use continue to increase. The size is steadily decreasing, the mobile radio cells are getting smaller and smaller.
Mission- and business critical markets do need secure voice-based services. Systems that can handle 4%, 5G as well as TETRA technology express the increasing demand for modern communication systems.
Mobile communications expect stable connections regardless of the conditions, temperatures or other weather-related adversities. An all-weather installation and connection between the transmitting and receiving assembly (transceiver) is essential for this.
Smart Cities - the city of the future. From a technical point of view, the network structure plays an extremely important role. In order to have a "real" Smart City, constant communication between all devices involved is required, starting with a comprehensive network structure. With us you will find the connectors you need.
Whether via the telephone network, an ISDN connection, via the cable television network or the electricity network, the Internet is an integral part of our lives. Fiber optic networks are coming and will replace broadband connections. Until then, we will continue to have corresponding connector solutions available.
Whether indoors or outdoors, our jumper cables are used wherever network coverage can be expected. Whether at airports, in hotels, in the subway or in hospitals etc.
Cable configurator - cable assemblies specially tailored to your requirements
HF cable assembly - in 3 steps to the right solution
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