Nex10® Connectors - Enabler of modern Telecommunication

NEX10® - Miniaturized Low PIM HF connector system

Because the connection matters…

The NEX10® Series is a new small coaxial connector system that offers a low passive intermodulation (PIM) value and at the same time a robust design in a compact size to meet the space constraints of future small cell applications. As part of this small cell approach in the telecommunications industry, radios and antennas are becoming ever smaller and require small, high-performance coaxial RF connectors.

Nex10® Product Features

Nex10® connectors are not just offering a Low PIM independent of coupling mechanism at a operating frequency up to 20 GHz but do come along with precise interface protection areas and three copuling mechanisms (Quick Lock, Screw and Hand-Screw). Also, we offer the NEX10(R) as connectors with an optimized portfolio extension for 1/4" and 3/8" corrugated cables. In close cooperation with strong partners, we can also offer customized Jumper Cables.

  • Excellent RF performance up to 20 GHz

  • Power rating type: 250 W at 2 GHz

  • Superior passive intermodulation values

  • IP68 Watertight Solutions

Nex10® Connector System Telecommunication

Nex10® different coupling mechanisms possible

Nex10 ® product portfolio overview

Nex10 ® product portfolio overview

Nex10® Properties

Product specific highlights for Nex10® connectors
Small size of 12,7mm flange height
Robust (ruggedized) design for outdoor use (IP68)
Low PIM, independent of applied torque
One interface but two coupling mechanism
Cable connectors for up to 1/2" corrugated cables
Cable connectors for up 1/4" corrugated cables are the perfect fit
For applications that require PIM stability in a compact size
Best solution for creating modern networks (e.g. 5G)
Meets upcoming space redution requirements
High performing coaxial RF connector system

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