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Application: Test & Measurement Equipment

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Cable assemblies that are used in test and measurement instruments must ensure the highest possible precision of all high-frequency components used. All this to reliably query repeatable performance. IMS CS is able to offer high-frequency connectors individually tailored to your respective application with matching cables and the associated assembly.


The advantages of using test and measurement equipment from IMS CS are obvious. High precision of all components used, high-quality coatings and coatings ensure the reliability of the connectors and cable assemblies up to 40 GHz. The entire expertise of the R&D and development department of IMS CS is available for special challenges and is able to implement even the highest demands. All components used are high-quality and precise and not "low cost". We also have solutions ready for you for harsh environments and the use of portable measuring devices for outdoor use.

Test of cables IMS CS Suzhou
Reliability / repeatability
SMA N-Type Test Cable Assembly
Customized Solutions
RFS Jumper Cable SMA connector high frequency coaxial
Waterproof / robust solutions for outdoor use
Hochwertige RF-Steckverbinder
No "low cost" components
Test gauge high frequency
High RF & electrical performance up to 40 GHz
wrench torque
Optimized solutions high mating cycles

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