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Application: Small Cell Connectors Telecommunication

Connector Series: Nex10, VIA, SMP, P-SMP, SMA, N-Type, 4.3-10, SSMB-Nano and more….

Constantly increasing data traffic, ever smaller cells in cellular networks: The demand for connectors, board-to-board connectors and cable assemblies for indoor and outdoor use is increasing. But we also have multi-coaxial, blind-mate solutions for distributed antenna systems (DAS),massive MIMO antenna, in-building antennas, radios and filter outputs.

For you, we work continuously to improve our products in order to meet the requirements of the application and our customers.

Our product portfolio includes standard connectors as well as custom design solutions that meet the latest requirements for outdoor small cell and in-building wireless applications.


Small cell radio cells are used in many mobile networks, for example in GSM, UMTS, LTE and of course 5G networks. The small cells, recently also called smart cells, network components require compact dimensions of the components used and reliable installation that can take place both indoors and outdoors.

Cent coin mini connectors high frequency
Compact, space-saving design
Latch closed connector H
Fulfill high mechanical and electrical requirements
Cellular 5G 6G network Low PIM passive intermodulation
Excellent Passive Intermodulation (PIM)
Radiofrequency Performance Test Measurement Equipment coaxial
Best in class Radiofrequency performance
Robust design HF connector in customer application
Ruggedized / robust Design for outdoor use
Sectional view of HF connector with cable
High protection of all contact areas

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