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Application "Waterproof"

Connector series: NEX10, 4.3-10,Fakra, TNC, N-Type, BNC, SMA, QLS, 7/16, switches and more
The number of applications in which our products are installed in exposed places is constantly increasing. Protection against water, splashing water, spray, fog, etc. is particularly important for the connectors. A failure of one of these components would severely affect the entire system. Accordingly, there are no compromises in terms of quality and reliability of the individual components. The best is just good enough! At IMS CS we design customized solutions that go up to IP68 classification. But we also have standard series available in the corresponding IP classes (IP67+IP68). What IP rating do you need?


IMS CS offers a variety of different options and RF connectors (waterproof in mated and/or unmated conditions) for your respective application. Please contact us so that we can find the right solution for you.

DJI drone dust dirt moisture
Dust tight. No ingress of dust.
Security Camera IP65
IP65 solutions: Protected from water jets from any angle.
TETRA VHF radio Waterproof IP66
IP66 solutions: Protected against powerful water jets and heavy seas
Electric vehicle charging station Splashproof IP67
IP67: Protected against the effects of temporary submersion in water.
smart watch waterproof IP68
IP68: Protected against the effects of permanent submersion in water.
Overview waterproof Connectors
Various solutions as sockets, plugs, cable sockets and more

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