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Application: Low-PIM connectors

Connector Series: Nex10, P-SMP, N-Type, 4.3-10, 7-16
The frequency plans of today's but especially future applications (6G up to the Terraherz range) give passive intermodulation distortion (PIM) a special relevance. Transmitter power levels are increasing rapidly, so wireless networks and services must be optimized for low-PIM performance. Connectors and cable assemblies therefore require special expert knowledge from PIM, its causes, effects and their measurement.


Reduction of the PIM value in practice. In general, there are several ways to design a connector in such a way that it allows low PIM values. On the one hand, the design of the contact surfaces, the connector interface, connector internal connections and cable attachments as well as the materials and coatings used play a major role. The most prominent representatives of low-PIM connector series are probably the 4.3-10, 7/16 and N series, since they all have a simple PIM and are very robust and resilient. Convince yourself of our new low-PIM connector series NEX10, which bring increased properties with even better performance and a more compact design.

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Low PIM values ​​- regardless of the applied torque
4.3-10 connector high frequency robust design telecom Low PIM
Small size - Robust design
Quick Lock Solution NEX10 Telecom RF Connector
1 interface - 3 coupling versions (screw, quick, manual screw locking)
Corrugated cable Low PIM connectors high frequency telecommunications
Safe, simple cable assembly, also for Semiflex and ¼'' corrugated cables
Low PIM connector customer application IP68 waterproof
Waterproof solution up to IP68

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