Harsh Environment Coaxial Connectors from IMS CS

Applikation "Harsh Environments"

Connector series: 4.3-10, N, TNC, SMC, customizing solutions
Harsh environments place high demands on every connector in general, regardless of whether it is radio-frequency related or industry standard connectors. Ultimately, the interface decides on the function of the equipment. Shocks, vibrations, heat, cold, harsh production environments or logistics areas, rail connections or in agriculture. There are special challenges everywhere, which we at IMS CS are happy to meet with our connectors. Special housings that can withstand rough handling indoors and outdoors and still function consistently - that sounds like connectors from IMS CS.


Challenging work environments are not becoming less, but rather more. Due to the expansion of the 5G network (future construction of the 6G network) and the required small cell infrastructure, the number of radio cells will increase significantly. Trucks, cars and tractors are given more sensor and camera-supported functions to make work more efficient and driving safer and more comfortable. In industry, proactive maintenance, the so-called "predictive maintenance" has been the order of the day for some time. Heavy machines, cranes, robots and much more are connected via the IoT and exchange information. This is where the time has come for connectors that, thanks to their robustness and reliability, meet the requirements placed on them with flying colors - regardless of the working environment in which they are used.

Manufacturing Plant extreme Heat
Protection against extreme heat and/or cold
Rocket Launch Outer Space X
Reliable connections with vibrations and acceleration forces
Port terminal container air freight logistics
Reliable and shock resistant to physical impact
Mining dump truck excavator
Stable even with rough treatment
Explosion protection explosion
Explosion-proof - for special applications
Paints Solvent Gasoline Liquid
Protection against the ingress of liquids
Tractor Farming Dust
When things get dirty... Dust protection

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