Board-to-Board & Board-to-Filter Connectors: Smart and Reliable

Application: Board-to-Board & Board-to-Filter connectors

Connector Series: SMP, VIA, BB5G, PSMP

Wherever two or more printed circuit boards have to be connected to each other, board-to-board and board-to-filter connectors from IMS CS come into their own. Stable signal connections with consistent performance is the goal that needs to be met.


Our B2B connectors bridge PCB gaps from 9.8 to 35 mm at frequency ranges up to 40 GHz. Axial tolerance absorption from 0.35 mm to 0.8 mm has also been implemented. Radial axis shifts between the circuit boards of 4° degrees are compensated. Solutions with a limited locking (limited detent) or with a sliding contact (smooth bore) have been implemented. The B2B/B2F connector series are implemented in SMD or THT technology.

BB5G connector board-to-board board-to-filter high-frequency two-piece
Distance bridging from 9.8mm to 35mm
Board Board-to-Board Board-to-Filter Connector SMP SMPL High Frequency
Frequency range up to 40 GHz
VIA variable interface adapter high frequency board-to-board board-to-filter PCB
Axial tolerance absorption of 0.35mm
PCB board-to-board connector high frequency PCB
Radial axis shift up to 4° degrees
PSMP Connector Board-to-Board Board-to-Filter Radio Frequency PCB
Limited detent or smooth bore
PSMP Connector Board-to-Board Board-to-Filter Radio Frequency PCB
SMD / THT technology implemented

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