M2M & IoT plug Connectors: professional miniaturisation

Application: M2M / IoT / IIoT Accessories

Our solutions: cable assemblies with Hirose, I-PEX, muRata pigtails, reverse polarity connectors, protection caps, RF switches, Smart Mod, SPE - Single Pair Ethernet
The cable assemblies with miniaturized Hirose, muRata and I-PEX connectors are available in different lengths and with different coaxial connectors specially developed for Hirose U.FL, Hirose H.FL muRata GSC and I-PEX MHF. The cable diameters range from Ø 0.81 mm to Ø 1.8 mm. They are used as an antenna connection in radio modules and in many other applications in which cable connections have to be accommodated in the smallest of spaces. Our cable assemblies have an impedance of 50 ohms and have excellent HF properties up to 6 GHz.


The IMS CS pigtail cable assemblies are available in any lengths and are eminently adaptable for a very wide range of various high quality RF-coaxial connectors. As the demand for higher quality and reliability for cable assemblies increases, IMS CS offers you top-grade process stability and quality control. Our pigtail cable assemblies are used in applications like Wireless LAN, GPS, GSM, UMTS, Bluetooth, DVD-T, and PC cards for all kinds of embedded systems on the M2M, IoT, IIoT market.

IPEX MHF pigtail cable
Extreme small size - low profile
Pigtail cable assembly
Individual tailor-made solutions
Hirose U.FL pigtail cable
Wide range of antenna panel connectors
Hirose U.FL TNC cable assembly
First class stability and quality
Reverse polarity SMA connectors
Reverse Polarity Connectors - prevent mismatching

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