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Radio Frequency technology in the Automotive Market - IMS CS

Our connector systems make autonomous driving possible

Maximum innovative power and absolute product quality: As an innovative development partner for HF connector interfaces, we meet the requirements of the automotive industry with a wide variety of product solutions for infotainment, entertainment, telematics, on-board computers and intelligent car antennas. Our contribution to ensuring system reliability!

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Advantages of the IMS CS products

Driving autonomous driving requires innovative strength. In order to be able to realize high data rates with low latencies, a high level of technical expertise and experience is required so that images and sensor signals can be processed without errors, which in turn control assistance systems which are essential for safe and later autonomous driving. Data exchange between vehicles is an important prerequisite for autonomous driving.
 At the same time, intelligent antennas ensure that we can receive mobile Internet, modern means of communication, radio and navigation signals in the vehicle and are therefore fully informed - while driving.
 Our connector systems make autonomous driving possible: with comprehensive weather and vibration resistance, maximum miniaturization and maximum contact reliability and efficiency. For this purpose, we are developing comprehensive product series of the Mini-Coax-Automotive (MCA, MCA-H), systems in the field of automotive Ethernet via High-Speed 

IMS CS Waterproof Vibration Resistant Reliable Connector Rubber Boots Rain Wet Splash Water High-Frequency Radio-Frequency Coaxial
Weather and Vibration proofing
IMS CS Miniaturization Automotive IPEX Cable Assembly FAKRA SMBA MCA MCA-H HFM Mini-Coax Coaxial High-Frequency Radio-Frequency Connectors
Maximum Miniaturization
IMS CS HTP Connector Coaxial High-Frequency Radio-Frequency Automotive Cable Connector CPA Connector-Position-Assurance ISL Independent Secundary Lock
Maximum Contact and Mounting reliability
IMS CS Fully automated production automotive connectors quality control man microscope reliability cable hydraulic pneumatic high-frequency radio-frequency coaxial
Maximum quality in large, small and medium unit numbers
IMS CS circuit board coaxial connector MCA-H HFM high-frequency radio-frequency automotive
Customized RF development services
IMS CS Automotive cable assembly pre-assembled high frequency coaxial cable connectors China
pre-assembled cable and connection solutions
The newly developed MCA series meets the high demands of the automotive industry on new, coaxial connectors for data speeds of up to 20 Gbit/s and a frequency range of up to 15 GHz. To ensure safety, driver assistance systems and autonomous driving require high data rates in real time in order to continuously calculate routes, recognize and classify objects and determine spatial distances.
Our MCA-H connectors offer the same performance spectrum as the well-known MCA series. This coaxial connector series also guarantees data speeds of up to 20 Gbit/s and a frequency range of up to 15 GHz. Nevertheless, the connectors in this series are compatible with the HFM connectors from Rosenberger.
Increasing demand of in-vehicle processing power, electronic control units (ECU´s) and applications such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, infotainment & navigation, component requirements have become complex, requiring smaller form factors, lighter weight, ruggedization, and higher bandwidth. With its compact design and robust housing, the newly developed HTP series was designed to excel in automotive and harsh environment applications.
The SMBA (FAKRA) connectors were specially developed for automotive applications. The special, standardized locking system meets the high requirements of the automotive industry in terms of functionality and security.
The digital HSD connector system enables excellent data transmission of LVDS signals. The optimized, impedance-matched connector system offers first-class transmission quality, external sources of interference and crosstalk are prevented. An intelligent strain relief unit leaves the soldering points unstressed.
The MQS Series is an interconnection for Automotive signal transmission coming along with optimized size towards standard MQS. Color coding and mechanical coding to prevent wrong connection. N-Terminal device signals are possible. "Tilt-resistance" through PCB holding-Pins.
Our RF solutions for smart vehicle antennas come along in a compact, small but reliable design with superior RF performance up to 10 GHz plus an excellent compensation of axial and radial misalignment. It´s scalable multi-pole connections consist of a very low mounting hight. The combination of RF and LF signals is also possible.
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