3. September 2020

Partnership with QDC Team

IMS Connector Systems is proud to partner with QDC Team, further expanding its representation and Sales Network throughout the United States. QDC Team’s Professional Sales Staff cover the States of Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Arkansas. Further information on QDC Team can be found at www.qdcteam.com.
24. August 2020

New Development – Intelligent networking with individualized data provision

Access to all relevant data within processes and an early reaction to changing conditions are prerequisites for planning production and processes efficiently, minimizing downtimes, increasing safety and availability and, last but not least, achieving reductions in total costs. IMS Connector System has taken up this challenge and developed […]
20. August 2020

Partnership with HLC Ltd.

With HLC Ltd. as partner, IMS Connector Systems is further growing its representation in the US serving Industrial, Communication and Automotive customers “intelligent and easy”. With HLC Ltd. We have found a great and proficient partner that shows deep know how and expertise in electronic components and assemblies. […]
1. July 2020

Product Online Training

A lot has changed in the past few months. We increasingly use new digital tools and have offered our distributors online product trainings. Simultaneously, we would also like to offer you, as our industrial customer, the opportunity to participate in online product trainings to get a deeper look […]
16. June 2020

20 years IMS CS Suzhou

The concept of producing locally in China for the Chinese market has proven successful. “This anniversary is a milestone in our company history”, says Peter Peetz, CEO of the IMS Connector Systems Group. With its innovative solutions in the fields of precision engineering, electronics, RF technology and industrialization, […]