3. March 2021

IMS CS North America continues to grow. Additional Regional Sales Manager for the “Sunbelt” region hired

IMS CS continues to grow and strengthens its presence in North America with the hiring of Bryce Sonksen. As Regional Sales Manager, Bryce Sonksen will be responsible for the “Sunbelt” region and ensure further growth. In a previous role, Bryce was Regional Sales Manager “West” for a total […]
22. February 2021

Compliance Information

We believe in sustainable practices and social responsibility. We know that you, our valued customers, share these beliefs. It’s also important to us that we comply with all existing rules and regulations. To serve your compliance needs even better, we have installed direct contacts at IMS CS for any […]
11. February 2021

Cooperation is the key to success

Cooperation is the key to success. To make this happen, we have collaborated with a number of external partners, such as mine&make. In this partnership, a new type of innovation process was jointly developed and implemented. Another cooperation with Hahn Schickard resulted in the development of a digital […]
21. January 2021

New year – new partnership

We are happy to have won with Sekorm a strong distributor for the Asian market. With several subsidiaries in China, Sekorm offers excellent range of products for industrial electronics, communication electronics, intelligent devices, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, test and measurement equipment. Find out more about Sekorm’s portfolio: 世强元件电商-智能硬件创新服务平台 […]
12. January 2021

New development HTP – High Speed Twisted Pair

IMS Connector Systems developed HTP – High Speed Twisted Pair – an automotive Multi Gigabit Ethernet Connector solution for the next generation of connected cars. With increasing demand of in-vehicle processing power, electronic control units (ECU’s) and applications such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Infotainment & Navigation, component […]