21. January 2021

New year – new partnership

We are happy to have won with Sekorm a strong distributor for the Asian market. With several subsidiaries in China, Sekorm offers excellent range of products for industrial electronics, communication electronics, intelligent devices, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, test and measurement equipment. Find out more about Sekorm’s portfolio: 世强元件电商-智能硬件创新服务平台 […]
12. January 2021

New development HTP – High Speed Twisted Pair

IMS Connector Systems developed HTP – High Speed Twisted Pair – an automotive Multi Gigabit Ethernet Connector solution for the next generation of connected cars. With increasing demand of in-vehicle processing power, electronic control units (ECU’s) and applications such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Infotainment & Navigation, component […]
11. November 2020

IMS Connector Systems participation at the innovation conference DTIM – Networking & Inspiration

The ScaleUp 360° DTIM is presenting virtual sessions for Innovations & Technology Managers, Business Development Managers and R&D Managers from the German speaking Industry. Peter Peetz, CEO of the IMS Connector Systems Group, will give a presentation on November 18, 2020 at 1pms on the topic – Data-based […]
21. October 2020

IMS Connector Systems further expanding its representation in the United States

We are proud to announce the partnership with ESI – Electronic Salesmasters Inc. ESI is a well-known Manufacturers Representative in the area of West-Pennsilvania, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and HHP associates will represent Florida. ESI /HHP bring extensive knowledge in RF technology and the problem-solvers of ESI / […]
9. October 2020

IMS Connector Systems – Membership in SPE Industrial Partner Network for the growth of IIoT

Single Pair Ethernet is an alliance of companies to promote Single Pair Ethernet as the basis for rapid and successful growth of IloT. The SPE Industrial Partner Network is the seal of quality for uniform and coordinated infrastructure that meets set standards. IMS Connector Systems ranks among the […]