The New Waterproof Quick Lock Interconnection

The New Waterproof Quick Lock Interconnection

The newly developed waterproof quick lock interconnection is based on the IMS Connector Systems reliable QLS Advanced quick lock connector. It provides excellent protection for weather exposed applications by ensuring superior RF capabilities up to 18 GHz. Different color codings on male and female mating halves simplify the installation at adjoining multiple interfaces. Significant product characteristics like easy & fast assembly, high packaging density, installation without torque wrench and high contact force meet the highest requirements. An outer diameter of 11 mm in mated condition enables the usage for inside and outside interconnection, even at small devices.

Product Characteristics

  • IP 67 waterproofed acc. to IEC 60529 in mated condition
  • Frequency range: DC – 18 GHz
  • Return loss: DC – 3 GHz ≥ 32 dB
  • Mating cycles: ≥ 100
  • Operating temperature: -40 °C + 85 °C


  • Ideally suited for base station equipment in humid environments and with condensing atmosphere e.g. for air-conditioned interior cabinets
  • Suitable for tower mounted radio units where small interfaces are needed
  • High protection in case of condensation and dripping water
  • Enables reliable connection for small cell antennas like Wi-Fi, W-LAN, WiMAX
  • Useful for all highly reliable industrial RF devices

The product portfolio includes various cable variations like RG316, RG402, RG 405. With its extensive RF competence IMS Connector Systems will be pleased to develop customized solutions for you on request and to support you during conceptualization, implementation and evaluation.

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