M2M and IoT Connectors

M2M & IoT Plug Connectors: professional miniaturisation

Miniaturised pigtail U.FL, H.FL and pigtail GSC-plug connectors are becoming more and more popular owing to their extremely compact size. They are ideal for a variety of applications in which space is a critical factor. The plug connectors operate in a frequency range of up to 6 GHz and guarantee owing to their low install height of 2.5 mm and a space requirement of only 3 mm² the highest possible component density. Our pigtail-cable assemblies are available in various lengths and can be adapted easily to a multitude of different high-quality coaxial RF-plug connectors. These cable assemblies are used in RF-modules such as Wireless LAN, GSM, UMTS, Bluetooth, DVD-T and PC-cards for all kinds of embedded systems on the M2M-market.

Our products meet the increasing demand for high quality, reliable cable assemblies thanks to first-class process stability and the strictest quality criteria.

Product Characteristics

  • Use of miniaturised original -plug connectors of the types Hirose U.FL, H.FL / Murata GSC / IPEX MHF
  • Focus on customer-specific solutions for individual applications
  • Large selection of coaxial antenna plug connectors for panel use
  • Extraordinary RF-characteristics in all pigtail-cable assemblies
  • First-class process stability and quality control
  • Miniaturised coax cable of just 0.81 mm / 1.13 mm / 1.32 mm / 1.37 mm diameter available
  • Easy customer-specific adjustment