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Image Brochure
EN PDF [1,6MB]

Image Brochure
DE PDF [1,6MB]

Coaxial connectors:

Coaxial-Connectors Main catalogue
PDF [21MB]

4.3-10 Flyer
PDF [2,2MB]

SMBA (FAKRA) catalogue
PDF [9,8MB]

P-SMP - High Power Board-to-Board Interconnection
PDF [200KB]

HSD - High Speed Data Interconnection
DE PDF [500KB]

HSD - High Speed Data Interconnection
EN PDF [500KB]

QLS Advanced
PDF [800KB]

High quality IMS CS pigtails
PDF [2,5MB]

SnapN connectors

QLS - Quick Lock Standard
PDF [1,2MB]

90° MCX cable connect
PDF [800KB]

SMP connectors
PDF [1,2MB]

1.6 / 5.6 connectors
PDF [1,6MB]

Press-in tools
PDF [1,2MB]