High Speed Data Connectors

HSD-High Speed Data plug connectors: a fast solution

Newly developed, the digital HSD plug connector system enables excellent data transfer of LVDS-signals. The optimised, impedance adapted plug connector system offers a first-class transfer quality; external sources of interference and crosstalk are prevented.
The main product characteristic SSR (smart strain relief), an intelligent strain relief unit, leaves the soldering points free of strain in circuit board connections. Together with the feeding V-belt in the mating area creates an extraordinary mechanical plug security and robustness.


  • Infotainment
  • HD-entertainment
  • Driver assistance
  • Telematics
  • LVDS-camera
  • GVIF-video transmission
  • IEE 1394, USB
  • Ethernet-Data connections

Product Characteristics

  • Soldering sites free of strain on circuit board connections thanks to SSR
  • Tip-safety
  • Very high data bit rates up to 5 gbit/s
  • High degree of EMC-compatibility
  • Extraordinary cross-talk suppression
  • Mechanical robustness compliant with automobile standards
  • THR- and THT-compatible for automated mounting
  • Mechanical and colour coding prevents incorrect plugging
  • Primary and secondary locking mechanisms guarantee the highest degree of plug-in safety