EDD® connector – Excellent PIM performance at minimal space

EDD® – Excellent PIM performance at minimal space
2. January 2018
Waterproof FAKRA connectors available (patented)
2. February 2018

EDD® connector – Excellent PIM performance at minimal space

Due to increasing demands of miniaturization, telecommunications infrastructure requires smaller devices. At the same time modern transmission technologies require many connections per device and impose high requirements on interference-free functionality.
Taking up this trend IMS Connector Systems has developed the high-performance EDD® connector series, which meets existing and future demands for compact designs with an outer dimension of merely 12 mm while offering excellent passive intermodulation. Thanks to a radial spring contact design on the inner and outer conductor, excellent PIM performance is ensured without requiring tight mechanical connection.
The PIM stable EDD® connectors are used in radios and filters in small cells and macro cells, Distributed-Antenna-Systems (DAS), In-building-antennas, Higher-Order-MIMO antennas and antenna interconnection solutions.

More product features:
>> Easy, fast, and safe locking interconnection
>> Miniaturized 4.3-10 connector solution: only 12 mm outer diameter
>> One interface – but two coupling options: Screw and Quick lock coupling
>> Space saving miniaturized interconnection: 55 % smaller than 4.3-10
>> Excellent RF performance up to 18 GHz
>> Superior passive intermodulation values: better than -166 dBc
>> Power rating typ. 220 W @ 23 °C @ 2,2 GHz
>> IP67 watertight solution for indoor and outdoor applications
>> Cost optimized solution compared to 4.3-10 and 7/16 interconnection

For applications where the plug connector is exposed to external electromagnetic fields, we also offer a modified solution with excellent PIM performance.
In addition to innovating new products like the EDD® product range, we would be happy to design customized solutions for your applications. Please contact: sales@imscs.com

For more detailed information on EDD® please see our eCatalog and our EDD® flyer.