30. January 2010

Original & High Quality IMS CS Pigtails

The growing popularity for miniaturized pigtail U.FL, H.FL and pigtail GSC connectors is thanks to their extreme small size, which makes them ideal for a variety of space-critical applications. Operating at up to 6 GHz, their lowprofile of 2.5
1. April 2011

Miniature Switch Generation

We would like to introduce our SMT-connector 4546 which is a further development of our test switch 3926 and the external antenna switch 3976. The variable geometry to customer requirements is a unique differentiating factor. This switch is ideal for

1. March 2013

QLS ® Advanced – The new Quick-Lock Generation

This newly developed “QLS Advanced” Quick-Lock solution offers a comprehensive range of advanced product features for reliable quick lock interconnection.

This advanced generation is fully backward compatible with the quick lock standard QLS®, offered by IMS Connector Systems

1. July 2013

HSD – High Speed Data interconnection

This newly developed digital HSD interconnection enables excellent data transmission via LVDS (low voltage differential signaling) by preventing interference both from cross-talk and other external sources. Due to its optimized shielding concept the 100 Ohm impedance matched interconnection works at …

1. September 2013

P-SMP – High Power Board-to-Board Interconnection

This newly developed P-SMP interconnection provides an excellent continuous power handling of up to 200 W at 2,2 GHz. The board-to-board interconnection is built as a three components concept: two pcb or panel types, assembled with an adaptor, the so …