RF Antenna Switches

RF Antenna Switches: the new generation

Watertight RF Switches

Thanks to watertight construction with axial seals compliant with IP67 for antenna contacts used outdoors, cable damage caused by water penetration or raw ambient conditions can be avoided.

Product Characteristics

  • 10.000 plug cycles
  • Watertight seal compliant with IP67
  • Highly robust
  • Easy customer-specific adjustment

Miniaturised RF Antenna Switches

These new miniature switch series was developed on this special demand. It includes an RF antenna switch, available as straight or angled switches. All products can be used in a variety of applications up to 6 GHz thanks to their compact design, highly robust construction and innovative locking mechanism. The straight antenna switch guarantees 10.000 plug cycles. The test switch evinces extraordinary centring characteristics as well as compatibility of the connection surface on the circuit board with the Murata MM 8430-2600B.

Product Characteristics

  • 10.000 plug cycles
  • Extraordinary conductive characteristics e.g. in hands-free equipment
  • Extraordinary longevity thanks to housing made with forming technology
  • Excellent durability thanks to high surface coating
  • Minimal dimensions

RF Test Adapter and RF Test Cable

To supplement and round out our range of RF switches, we offer a large range of RF-switch accessories, such as RF test adapters and -cables.


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