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RoHS compliance at IMS Connector Systems

Lead-free into the future – information on the requirements of RoHS and WEEE
The RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) regulates, that from July 1st 2006 on, no new electrical and electronic equipment can be sold within the European Community which contain lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium VI, PBB and PBDE. This includes all components as well as assembling processes like soldering where no lead is allowed to be used anymore. The WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) describes the recycling rates and 10 different categories of electrical and electronic equipment.

Lead free materials
All materials used in IMS Connector Systems products comply with the requirements of RoHS.

Lead free tin plating

The tin plating of IMS Connector Systems complies with the requirements of RoHS.

Usage of solder paste
Soldered IMS Connector Systems products like cable assemblies are produced with lead free solder paste according to RoHS.

Assurance of RoHS compliance
To guarantee the RoHS compliance, all RoHS measurements are internally made with modern and reliable measuring equipment.

For quantitative material analysis we use the high precise energy dispersive fluorescent X-radiation spectrometer Fischerscope X-RAY XDAL. Because of the integrated high-resolution video microscope and a pinpoint positioning this measuring device is particularly suitable for analysis of fine structured surfaces.

Through measuring of calibrated reference materials we achieve reliable, quantitative and repeatable analysis results. RoHS-test reports for all our products are available on request. Here you will find an example.

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