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Release of two new FAKRA Connectors

As a fully accredited ISO TS 16949 supplier to the automotive industry, IMS Connector Systems is proud to announce the release of two new FAKRA connectors.

Both the 4369.SMBA double plug and 4408.SMBA single plug are PCB mount style and fully compliant to the FAKRA DIN standard and are capable of being re-flowed to various IPC/JEDEC J-STD_020C and IEC-norm 60068 standards.

In additional to the benefit of these unique designs that means that both parts are perfectly balanced, and will not tilt during either the pick and place process or soldering operation.

There is the added advantage of a width reduction in the 4369.SMBA double plug of nearly 20% to 12.5 mm, which without any compromise to either the interface or performance means, a reduction in the required PCB footprint area allowing for greater PCB flexibility or PCB cost reduction due to the smaller size needed.

With these two new FAKRA connectors IMS CS has raised the bar in setting new standards of design, price and availability.

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