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Both the 4408.SMBA single plug and 4369.SMBA double plug, are PCB mount style and fully compliant to the FAKRA DIN standard. Benefiting from the very latest in die-cast technology both parts are capable of being re-flowed to various standards, IPC/JEDEC J-STD_020C and IEC-norm 60068.

Their unique design means that both parts are perfectly balanced, to prevent tilting during the pick and place process and prior to the soldering operation. This unique design has also seen a width reduction in the 4369.SMBA Double plug of nearly 20% to 12.5 mm without any compromise to the interface meaning a reduction in the required PCB surface allowing for greater PCB availability or PCB cost reduction due to the smaller size.

In addition to the above potential for cost reduction, the reliability of die-cast technology allows an automated assembly process resulting in further cost savings, meaning a very competitive price. For panel fixations we offer a broad product range of different FAKRA types. There are screw-in, press-in, clamping and top mounting variations available, typically used in m2m data module applications. The complete production documentation is available for download in our online catalogue on www.imscs.com.

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