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MIM technology

MIM stands for "Metal Injection Moulding" and is a highly efficient manufacturing technology for producing small, complex and precise metal parts.

MIM technology characteristics are...

  • Suitable and economic for materials that are difficult to machine such as stainless steel and titanium
  • Very low waste of material
  • Cost efficient high volume production

The Manufacturing process in 4 steps



Metal powder


Moulded part

Fine metal powder is blended with organic binder materials in order to produce a special feedstock.


Using a plastic moulding machine, the feedstock is processed to produce the raw moulded part, which is slightly bigger in size than the final part.




Debinded part


Sintered connector housing

The raw moulded parts are heated in a debinding & sintering oven where the binder material is removed from between the metal particles.


The debinded part is reheated at very high temperatures until the metal particles connect and form one solid metal part with a clean surface.

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