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The inventor Johann Morat founds a Company in Eisenbach in the Black Forest which focuses on the development of machines to produce gear wheels and axles for mechanical clocks. Over the years, this company grows, due largely to his inventive skills and a commitment to highest precision and efficiency.





At the end of the 1960's, the company begins the production of gear assemblies. It is a request from a customer that results in IMS Morat Söhne manufacturing RF connectors and cable assemblies. The new business division for RF-Connectors production iss established in 1972.





Reacting to market requirements, the product range is expanded and 1985 the first components for cellular phones aree manufactured.





This new line of business proves to be successful and in 1989 the new independent company IMS Connector Systems is founded. The product range include RF-Connectors, cable assemblies and first mobile phone components.





In the 1990's the fast growing story starts. High levels of investment are made in order to establish a strong R&D and modern production facilities. At the end of the 1990's, new manufacturing plants are established in the US, Hungary and China. IMS Connector Systems becomes a global player.





In co-operation with IMST, a well known RF design house, IMS Connector Systems starts a new business area called "Your global antenna team". It offers innovative, customised and cost-efficient antenna solutions for mobile communication.





IMS Connector Systems commences its activities as a supplier to the demanding automotive market. Its new FAKRA-compliant SMBA connectors and cable assemblies assure perfect connections in today's "communications centre car".





Due to the relocation of important production sites by our customers, we are now concentrating our own production activities in two modern production centres in China and Hungary.





With new manufacturing technologies such as Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) and forward-looking proprietary developments such as QLS® (Quick Lock Standard) coaxial connectors and miniature antenna switches, IMS Connector Systems is meeting the growing market requirements with regard to quality and cost-efficiency.





IMS Connector Systems strengthens its activities in the field of medical technology by offering innovative and reliable products with their in-house developped RF connector series MedEasyLock®. These connectors comply with the high demands of this branch.

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