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Quick locking mechanism (MedEasyLock®, QLS®, SnapN)

Assembly and functional description

Increasing customer requirements and various product developments from the last few years caused an important trend in the connector market. The new quick lock connectors increasingly replace the usual threaded connectors like SMA and N.

Important advantages of the quick lock connectors over threaded connectors

  • Comfortable and faster mounting as well as higher contact safety
  • Easier mounting even in the tightest places because no mounting tool is required
  • Higher packing density as no mounting tool is required
  • Panels are no longer scratched or damaged as no torque spanner is used
  • Locked cable angle plugs are 360° rotatable and flexible re-positioning of the cable is possible

IMS Connector Systems offers three Quick Lock connector series. These are QLS, SnapN and MedEasyLock®.

MedEasyLock® - Optimized connectors for use in medical applications

The MedEasyLock® connectors are based on the 4.1/9.5 and 3.5/9.5 connectors. But instead of a threaded mechanism "MedEasyLock®" connectors have an innovative quick-lock coupling mechanism. The MedEasyLock® series was especially developed and optimized for use in medical equipment. Further well suitable applications for MedEasyLock® connectors are RF units in which high frequencies are transmitted like BTS systems in the telecom market.


  • Extremely high contact reliability
  • Outstanding electrical performance
  • The extended connector housing provides a strain relief and prevents bending and damages to the cable

Functional description


QLS® - The innovative alternative to SMA connectors

The QLS® (Quick Lock Standard) connectors feature similar interface dimensions like the SMA connectors. The difference is that instead of a threaded coupling, a quick-lock mechanism is being used. Therefore QLS® is an innovative alternative to all SMA connectors. The QLS®'s locking mechanism is unique in the connector market and offers important benefits.


  • Very high contact pressure of 200 N between plug and jack
  • Excellent electrical performance and high contact reliability
  • The locking mechanism prevents unlocking through thrust or sharing load at the cable

Functional description 


SnapN - backwards compatible to N connectors

The SnapN connector range is backwards compatible with N connectors. It means that SnapN jacks (f) can be mated with N plugs (m).


  • The very low engagement force of 30 N enables a 10 times faster installation in comparison with the installation of N connectors
  • 200 mating cycles
  • Smaller outer diameter of 16 mm which results in higher packing density
  • The locking mechanism prevents an unintentional disengagement by shock, vibration or pulling the cable

Compatibility description

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